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Automated quality assurance reduces diagnosis lead time from 3 weeks to 3 seconds

Costumer application and data platform helps global challenger servicing the shipping industry.

Consultants on the case

Aksel Larsen

Aksel Larsen

Christian Dahl Olin

Christian Dahl Olin

Daniel Christensen

Daniel Christensen

Frederik Jørgensen

Frederik Jørgensen

Sector: Industry

Region: Scandinavia

Artificial intelligence
Business intelligence
Data hub
Data strategy
Data streaming
iOS/Android app
Machine learning
Process automation
Web app


Challenges and opportunities

Manual work of a highly specialized workforce was the original driving force of a global company servicing the worldwide shipping industry. The company was using traditional, time-consuming, and high-priced methods that required an occupation of 10.000 people worldwide. Copenhagen Data was contacted, as the company longed to use data more efficiently. Specifically, it wanted to realize a system that could fasten and streamline its daily quality assurances that were used to service the shipping industry. On a bigger scale, the company wanted to re-position and be known for its vision and purpose, rather than its product offering. 


We identified the opportunity of a cloud-based data platform and a self-service costumer application that would automate the quality assurance services of the company. We created an implementation roadmap and engaged relevant business stakeholders. Originally, the company's procedures was rather rigid and rule-bound, so the engagement phase was an important part of the initial proces.





Analysis and evaluation

We qualified the data projects and developed our course of action through several initial operations. An important procedure was the collection and analysis of the company's data. This was necessary to discover the smartest procedure along with the details of the data projects. We decided connect the cloud-based data platform to a self-service customer application. This data system would analyze and distribute data in real-time for downstream analytical solutions and upstream operational processes. The application would instantly capture and analyze data from any device based on a photography and hence give exact assessments and instructions in just a few seconds. 


The risk of manual quality assessment was lowered along with the heavy costs of operational workforce. Through early prototyping, we validated the data projects, demonstrated the opportunities to stakeholders, and created buy-in. Management and project stakeholders were involved, to secure their gradual learning, engagement and understanding of their future dependencies.



Implementation and handover

After qualifying the data projects, we moved on to the implementation phase. The data projects were designed, developed, and tested through short-development cycles. We rolled out the data projects in the company by making sure they were supported by all target devices. It was especially important that the self-service application had a high functionality, a good user-experience and a quick response time. We carried out a handover plan to engage all relevant stakeholders, and make sure that the company was well-equipped to apply the data projects in their worldwide profession. 


Copenhagen Data was pleased to see that the self-service application was able to reduce the previous lead time of the quality assurance diagnosis from 3 weeks to just 3 seconds. Additionally, the data projects led to a new service revenue stream worth €10,000,000 on existing product customers. These remarkable improvements complement the company's vision of repositioning, while distinctly demonstrating how data-driven solutions create significant business value.


  • System-supported product performance analysis that reduces diagnosis lead time from 3 weeks to 3 seconds
  • Automated monitoring to proactively detect product performance drops
  • Commercialization of service tied to diagnosis and performance drops
    • New service revenue stream with a worth of €10,000,000 from existing product customers
    • New revenue stream for service-only customers with an estimated worth of €5,000,000
    • Cross-selling opportunity from service-only customers to product customers with a projected value of €2,000,000
  • First class demonstration of the value of data that now guides all other business development
  • Establishment of strategic data platform to support organization-wide management and activation of data