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Who we are

We are a team of highly skilled and diverse data talents. We have a successful track record of delivering business value from intelligent use of data. Our approach is pragmatic and responsible, and we keep risk at a minimum while adding value. 


Different minds, common mindset

We have business on our minds, and data in our hearts. Copenhagen Data is an ambitious and talented data consultancy firm located in central Copenhagen. We specialize in complex data projects that create lifelong business value for our costumers and strengthens their competitiveness.


Best Practice is the DNA of our organization and we use the method to create business value for our clients. Best Practice gives us a common mindset which strengthens our cooperation, expertise and social spirit. Our diverse minds combined with our common method is what defines us at Copenhagen Data.


Data about Melina

From Olympic weightlifting to data


Melina is one of Copenhagen Data's talented data consultants. With a background in mathematical modelling and computation, she has touched upon numerous areas of problem solving and optimization. She spent her masters optimizing large offshore wind farms using meta-heuristics. Through her education, she also developed a predilection for programming and problem solving through data. Melina is competitive and result-driven, and in her spare time she does Olympic weightlifting. Although it seems far from the digital world, data consultancy and weightlifting share a crucial common denominator: structure and planning to reach a pre-determined goal.