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Best Practice

Best Practice is a unique and purpose-driven method developed by Copenhagen Data. It consists of industry specific knowledge that has been assembled, qualified and tested through years of data consulting. 


Best Practice is now comprised into a user-friendly format allowing your business to identify, qualify and realize business value from your data. 


Interested in data-driven business value and purposeful IT-leverances? 

Learn more about hot IT-topics and our Best Practice releases through the compelling perspectives, news and guides below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Best Practice?

    Best Practice is a toolbox of industry specific knowledge that helps organizations generate business value through intelligent use of data. We have packaged the Best Practice methodology into a user-friendly format that allows organizations to get started and progress through their personalized IT-strategy on their own. The knowledge and content of Best Practice has been collected and qualified through years of data consulting services and a strong track record of maximizing business value. The method will help your organization identify, qualify and realize the IT-projects you need to gain a strong competitive position in a data-driven and digitalized future. 

  • What does Best Practice consist of?

    Best Practice consists of comprehensive tools, guidelines, deliverable templates and code components that will be continuously updated and expanded. You will currently find content helping with your Data exploration, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Governance processes, Master Data Management etc. As a unique feature, the Best Practice Bot will continuously identify your situation and challenges and point out the knowledge and help you need to keep progressing on your IT-strategy and reach your goals. 

  • Why should we use Best Practice?

    The whole idea behind Best Practice is to maximize the value of your data. We have all seen how organizations in the tech-sector in the Silicon Valley have built billion-dollar businesses by utilizing data to drive growth and profit. The goal behind Best Practice is to give you that competitive edge, regardless of your business' size and sector, without having to spend millions on data consulting. 


    The idea of digitalizing might seem complex, expensive and time-consuming, but Best Practice's comprehensive and transparent framework breaks down the barriers of entry into the data-driven future.

  • How often is Best Practice updated?

    Our goal is always to keep Best Practice updated and aligned with trends and changes in the market and digital world. We use Best Practice daily throughout our consulting services and will therefore keep updating the content as we gain further knowledge and insights. 


    New releases of guidelines and additional content are officially planned for every first to second month.