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Why best practices are hot and rash decisions are not

11. januar 2023

Everyone needs a compass

Executing on a project without a method is like sailing a ship with no compass - the chance of reaching your destination, using the most efficient route is small. Using a proven method enables an efficient process and the best results. That is why best practices are hot and rash decisions are not. 


Sticking to a proven method allows you to accelerate your projects, while avoiding common pitfalls and maximizing your business value. At Copenhagen Data, we have developed, generalized, and maintained knowledge from years of consulting in a unified toolbox for you. Learn why and how you should apply it, in any project with technical deliveries, to create data-driven business value.

Better than a blank sheet of paper

Truthfully, it all comes down to the fact that a method is a better point of departure than a blank sheet of paper. A Best Practice method leads to a well-structured, pre-defined and effective process that allows you to plan and prioritize while involving the right stakeholders. Along the way, you and your team will have the advantage of avoiding setbacks, as you will be guided on how to tackle any part and implication of your project. This enables a practically oriented and agile approach that makes your project tangible. Using such a method does not a limit you to a pre-established, abstract framework where everything is fully integrated. Instead, it can be compared to having a toolbox of remedies that can be used along the way in your project. 

The right method leads to a well-structured, pre-defined and effective process that allows you to plan and prioritize while involving the right stakeholders.

Avoiding rash decisions

One could say that executing on a project without a method is like making important decisions on an empty stomach. There is plenty of room for mistakes, frustrations, and fallbacks. To elaborate, using a method minimizes the room for rash decisions tremendously. Eventually, these decisions can end up hindering the process and harm the effectiveness of you and your team’s project. On the contrary, utilizing a method such as Best Practice, gives you techniques, guidelines, and deliverable templates at your disposal. This enables you to define and execute on a well-defined plan of activities that is aligned with your business goals and resources (so you can avoid rash decisions). You can see the processes and components of Best Practice below.


The power of Best Practice

Best Practice is one of the world’s most comprehensive end-to-end methods to help organizations identify, qualify, and realize the value of data. Our method ties together business goals with technical deliveries in one combined model, which enables the two disciplines to blend rather than drift apart. That also means that the method is useful in any business project of technical character. 


The main benefit of Best Practice is the fact that it provides organizations with a common language and a structured, generalized, and well-defined approach to their project delivery and management. This leads to a timesaving, risk-reducing, and an efficient process where it is easy to onboard new team members and involve stakeholders along the way. No matter what challenge you are facing in the project lifecycle, you will have practical tools, templates, and supporting processes at your hands to guide, motivate, and help you avoid fallbacks. Consequently, Best Practice is an investment in a tangible do-it-yourself data consultancy framework.


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