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Experienced talents

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A strategic talent with responsibility


We are looking for experienced talents that are driven by strategy and valuable IT-solutions. You will work with both data analysis and data consulting in the process of creating value from data. We work in project teams and expect you to have an increasing responsibility in terms of project management. It is important that you have a demonstrated ability to create value and innovation with data. We will provide you with gradual education and learning, so you do not need to master all disciplines from day one. However, it is an advantage if you have experience with the following disciplines and technologies:


  • Data bases
  • Data profiling and data quality
  • ETL and data integration
  • Master Data
  • Data Governance
  • ER- and data modelling
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Advanced analysis (e.g. Machine Learning and optimization)


Who are you?

We are excited to find out! We evaluate every candidate individually based on their profile and our expectations to the position. The most important thing is that you are motivated and interested to learn how to innovate and streamline data while creating value for our clients. We do not have any mandatory requirements for candidates and their technical ballast, as we believe development and learning is a crucial part of working at Copenhagen Data. Come as you are and show us why and how you can contribute!

Work tasks

Your work assignments as an experienced professional vary from project to project, but often include the following tasks and activities:


  • Integration and quality assurance of data from many sources in a unified data model
  • Profiling of data quality and analysis of integration opportunities
  • Implementing Master Data entities and web APIs to manage and expose cross-cutting data for broad use in operational systems (e.g. Customers or Products)
  • Creating a management overview through the development of standard reporting for different organizational levels
  • Development of decision automations in core systems (e.g. VBA and Machine Learning for predictive models)
  • Implementation of self-service environments for ad-hoc analysis
  • Formulation of data strategy, qualification of use cases and preperation of solution design
  • Planning a roadmap with a coordinated sequence of implementation
  • Design of organizational anchoring, governance and processes for data solutions


Send your application and CV to Aksel Larsen (Partner).


Don't hesitate to contact us with questions about the position.


You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions or watch our 3  minute Career Video on what you can expect of the work place, the development opportunities and the interview process.

Aksel Larsen