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Release: Data Strategy

December 21, 2022

Let us answer the following questions

Why does your company need a data strategy to create business value?

How does a data strategy help you gain an increasingly competitive advantage?

Why should you use Best Practice to develop a data strategy and run your project?

The importance of a data strategy

There are many opportunities ahead of companies willing to engage in new approaches to IT and data. As the world continuously digitalizes, it becomes increasingly important to have an intelligent data strategy to gain a competitive advantage. You need to be clear on the goals, challenges and projects that can be influenced and enabled by your data. Without this strategy, your data will bring you little value and have limited influence on your marketing positioning. 

Moving forward with Best Practice

To avoid pitfalls and setbacks, your data strategy should ideally be based on a proven method with a successful track record. At Copenhagen Data, we have used our Best Practice method within the IT-consultancy industry for years. We have now compiled Best Practice into guidelines, techniques, and deliverable templates to help you create your own data strategy and drive your IT-projects. 


With our Data Project Generator, you can ‘create your own data project’ whether you are a paying, registered or anonymous user. The feature generates a personal project plan based on your needs, goals, and challenges. It is designed to provide you with material tailored to your status-quo and ongoing process, as you run your data projects, and execute on your data strategy.


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