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Entry-level talents


An indespensable talent - from day one


As an entry-level talent, you will be an important part of the data consultancy team from day one. You will start working on a project from the beginning and immediately gain practical experience with your team. Therefore, you must be motivated by the process of 'learning by doing'. Working on our data projects requires independency, technical abilities, and a solid business understanding. A lot of your work will take place in collaboration with your project team, so you should also thrive in a group work setting. You do not need years of experience from working with data nor a large technical ballast. We will gradually educate you so you will master the required disciplines. Many of our talented data consultants started as entry-level talents. The development opportunities are broad, as long as you are motivated to learn.


Who are you?

We are excited to find out! We evaluate every candidate individually based on their profile and our expectations to the position. The most important thing is that you are motivated and interested to learn how to innovate and streamline data while creating value for our clients. We do not have any mandatory requirements for candidates and their technical ballast, as we believe development and learning is a crucial part of working at Copenhagen Data. Come as you are and show us why and how you can contribute!

Work tasks

Your work assignments as an entry-level talent vary from project to project, but often include the following tasks and activities:


  • Analysis of business needs through interviews and workshops
  • Elaboration of solution proposals through design of components that supports business needs
  • Organization of implementation plans for our gradual deliveries
  • Development of processes for collecting and quality checking data
  • Implementation of systems and processes for creating and maintaining transversal business data
  • Modelling of data for usage in reporting or statistical models
  • Ad-hoc development of standard reports and presentations
  • Testing of statistical models for process automation
  • Preparation of handover documentation for clients
  • Planning/implementing initiatives to introduce solutions to end-users


Send your application and CV to Aksel Larsen (Partner).


Don't hesitate to contact us with questions about the position.


You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions or watch our 3 minute Career Video on what you can expect of the work place, the development opportunities and the interview process.

Aksel Larsen